The Background.

In April of 2007 I had an open vision where I was standing on a hill yet at the foot of the San Francisco bay.  I looked up and saw a lake in the sky, sparkling, silver, and increasingly getting bigger. The was a sound coming from the lake that I could hear audibly. There were others that also heard it. We were in communication about what we were seeing and hearing. The next morning, this open vision was found to have 'leaked through' the fabric of space into the bay area when I compared accounts with others. We began paying ever more attention to the sound and song of the Lord and looking for others who were soberly being awakened.


Ten years later, the Lord continues to give me revelation of this 'silverlake sound'. It is the Lake at the foot of the throne of God, also known as the "crystal sea".  It is the picture of God coming to earth. As His decent (heaven coming to earth) grows increasingly closer, the lake is bigger and bigger. The closer we are to the return of Christ, the more we can see Him, hear Him, and get revelation of His Word and His ways. 

The Silverlake Sound is invisible God speaking to us and the invitation to sing along. We have said "yes" to join in the song of heaven. 


Whats Next?

I have recorded a few singles and done a few collaboration projects as well as a Prophetic Instrumental CD, Wells. As I continue to see to "release the sound" through music and messaging, I have been waiting for the right timing to work on a very personal, vulnerable, EP. My goal is to record the EP "Nine", which has been in development for the last year. I truly hope you will hear that soon!




This song was birthed out of drought and burn out. With the last fumes left in my body, I cried out the Lord and exposed my heart to Him in this vulnerable song. Free Download available HERE



This song was written in prayer, spontaneously, meditating on Psalm 84:5 - "My heart is set on Pilgrimage". For the full background of the song, check out the Behind the Music Blog Post on it HERE.  FREE DOWNLOAD available HERE.


I love your law.

This song was inspired but the revelation of how the law is our friend. Psalm 119 says to "Delight yourself in the Law", to find Joy and Peace in it. So many people want nothing to do with God because they think its all rules. But if God had no rules, there would be no need for mercy, and no command to offer sacrifice for sin. No need for Jesus, and therefore, no confidence that we are really saved. It is for our confidence in faith and salvation we have the law of God. FREE DOWNLOAD HERE



These songs are all instrumental piano written in the prayer room during times of prayer & meditation on specific scripture passages. Wells is a minstrel's journey into God's heart. Each song was written during the unlocking of revelation of Biblical passages and themes. We believe that when you sit under prophetic music the anointing is transferable and will open up God's Word to your heart. I left the tracks 'unpolished' on purpose, rather than recording over and over until I got a perfect take. When you hear stumbling on the keys, that is part of my message, that it doesn't have to be perfect to be anointed, that God wants to use you NOW and you don't have to wait until you feel "perfect" or polished. We pray that as you listen to these songs you will be encouraged in your inner man and the Word will come alive during your personal times of scripture meditation.

Produced by Nabiy Music. All Rights Reserved. (c) 2014 Available on Spotify, and iTunes.


Burning Eyes.

The debut single was written in the prayer room one day after a two hour set had been going on Rev 4 & 5. There was a spirit of revelation in the room of the Man Christ Jesus, and as at the piano, this song came out. I had never practiced it, played the chord progression, or sang any of these words before. It was a prophetic release of the lingering presence of Jesus and what was on His heart to say. We pray that this message ministers to your heart.

Produced by Oln Verayne. All Rights Reserved. (c) 2013 Available on Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes.


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